Individual Tax


Our team at ITS Tax Pro offer clients a full range of tax services. We offer our experience and knowledge to provide individuals and their families the best tax services. We work to maximize refunds and minimize tax liabilities while staying in compliance.  We ensure we stay current with all the tax law changes on federal, state and local levels. We emphasize tax planning in order to reduce future tax obligations. We use the latest technologies to ensure our clients are receiving the most effective and efficient tax services.  

We offer a unique online service which allows our clients to upload their tax data. Our tax team is able to process more effective and efficiently while offering feedback to our clients in real time. We communicate with our clients through e-mail and telephone.  Our online service process gives us the flexibility to give our clients more personalized attention. We take client data protection very seriously to assure client confidentially. 


Business Tax


At ITS Tax Pro we encourage our clients to use tax planning to help reduce tax liability whether corporate or a pass-through entity. Our approach is to customize a tax plan for every client and to maximize tax benefit when structured. We strive to keep our clients up to date on the continuous tax law changes and regulations. This allows us the knowledge to apply tax benefits to our clients in various industries. We ensure our clients are compliant with tax laws. 


Estate, Gift, & Trust


We at ITS Tax Pro take a personal approach to our clients in dealing with estate, gift and trust tax planning. Our connection to our clients has brought them comfort in dealing with personal tax planning. Our experience in this area has made us desirable to work with client’s attorneys and other professionals. We monitor our clients plan and make adjustments to changing life circumstance. We work to insure that our clients receive the greatest tax benefits with continuous change in legislation.  Here are the services our tax team provides:

  • General estate planning
  • Gift tax planning and return preparation
  • Estate tax return preparation
  • Assistance with  estate administration
  • Estate and trust income tax planning and return preparation


Sales, Payroll, & CAT Tax


ITS Tax Pro will assist small business owners’ with Ohio state fillings. Ohio requires owners to register and file their taxes online. We help with the registration process to ensure that our clients’ are compliant and resolve issues they may have with Sales Tax, Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) and payroll tax.  

Sales Tax 

  • Assist with monthly, quarterly and yearly filings
  • Audit and notice resolution 

Commercial Activity Tax (CAT)

  • Help with registration depending on business structure
  •  Compliance with notices and audits 

Payroll Service

  • Assists with filing owners’ quarterly, semi-annual, and annual filings
  • Helping in finding a payroll service that best meets our clients’ needs
  • Compliance with notices or with audits


State and Local Tax (SALT)


At ITS Tax Pro, we provide our clients complete tax services that meet their tax needs. Our tax team has the experience and knowledge with filing local and multi-state returns. Especially, in Northeast Ohio where various tax laws differ for multiple cities. We ensure our clients are in compliance with local and multi-state tax laws. We striving to minimize local and state tax liabilities. Our team provide these services for closely-held business entities and individuals.