Management Advisory Services


We provide our small business owners with business development services. We assists our clients with various services from business valuations to transaction pricing and structure, preforming financial due diligence, and financing. We help our clients with the transitioning periods of their business. We also help develop a succession plan based off of their goals. 


Mergers & Acquisitions


Acquiring or selling a business entails determining the health of a company by evaluating the sustainable financial performance. We assist with the valuation assessment by determining the risk factors involved in acquiring or selling a business. Our team will develop the best strategy to construct a purchase or sale. 


Growth Development


We assist our clients with company growth in developing strategies to meet their goals by maximizing their potential and profits. Our team takes a hands on approach which gives our clients’ assurance in finding solutions to operational issues at all phases of the growth cycle. We provide assistance in improving financial infrastructures and internal controls. Business growth development is an essential part for sustainability of a company’s bright future. 


Fraud Prevention & Detection

 Fraud is a part of our everyday lives, it occurs in all business environments. A business owner has to be aware that it exists and proactively monitor the risks and red flags in their business. A fraud incident can effect relationships with employees, vendors, customers and banks. We provide our clients an internal controls review and recommendations to help prevent asset misappropriation. Our fraud prevention program will help close the gaps were fraud can occur. It will give employees the perception that fraud is intolerable